The beginning of a new era.

Time to experience the medical Gold Standard of Body Composition Analysis in medical fitness. Brought to you by the world market leader in medical weighing and measuring.

Medical Goldstandard

100% digital Workflow

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More Quality. More Motivation.

The Truth in your Studio.

Elevate your studio to a whole new level with seca TRU. Turn it into a place of advanced health service provision.
You will be able to provide your customers with individual training expertise – based on solid, medically validated data.
Train them on an entirely new level and lead them on their fitness journey.This way, their goals become your goals.

Plain and simple: If you train them, you might just train them the right way.


The Truth in Added Value.

With seca TRU you add a measurable value to your studio from day one on. You can present to your customers their training results, in clear-cut fashion. Even if their body weight does not change – they can still see their true training progress.
So your studio offers a deeper motivation thus creating a higher loyalty amongst your customers. As a health service provider you clearly differentiate your studio from competition while becoming more attractive to new customers.

Plainly speaking: An added Value that’s so worth it.

Ultra-sound technology allows for fast and precise height measurement.

Premium touch screen with intuitive user experience. Measuring and data transmission to the cloud in just 24 seconds.

Clear and simple presentation of measuring results – for ideal customer care.

Fixed handle positioning on the railing guarantee for reproducible measuring conditions.

Made from Bearclaw glass, the plattform is perfectly hygienic and unbreakable.


The Truth in Measurable Success.

Our cloud-based software makes all results available to you and your customers at all times. In the studio, on the road, at home. The simple use and the easy-to-grasp presentation of the measuring data makes the software a valuable tool in every trainer’s conversation. After the intital measuring, your customers can easily conduct every follow-up measurement themselves very easily.

The integrated TRU BodyScore presents the composition of the body at a glance.

It evaluates muscle mass and body fat percentage in a way that lets your customers compare themselves with other persons their age and gender.

Their progress is rewarded with awards from bronze to platinum. Training results that are measurable and also easy to share.

A new Dimension in Service.

The Truth in being a seca client.

Our clients are our partners. It’s that simple. And we live up to it.
From providing a genuine service fleet to competent technicians who know exactly what to do. And also from the best financing model available for every business situation. Period.

Plainly speaking: We’re there. Always and in person.

seca TRU delivery

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Experience seca TRU live in your studio.

Arrange a personal demonstration with one of our experts and learn about the benefits that seca TRU has to offer.

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